Collection: Steve Rapport

Working for a variety of music papers, magazines, newspapers and record companies in his home town of London, rock 'n' roll photographer Steve Rapport captured some of the UK's most pivotal punk and post-punk moments during his action-packed but short-lived career, which spanned the years 1981-1994. Steve left the UK and headed for the San Francisco Bay Area in June 1992, and has lived there ever since. 

The son of a Holocaust survivor, Steve’s work has always been intertwined with his politics. He was active in the Artists Against Apartheid and Red Wedge movements back home in the UK in the eighties, and in recent years he found himself organizing protests and rallies to vociferously oppose the increasingly radical right-wing rhetoric and policies of The Former Guy and his fanatical fascist followers.

These days Steve can usually be found listening to The Clash at his (mostly) rock 'n' roll gallery at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica, CA, which showcases his rock ’n’ roll and landscape photography, as well as his various magazines, books and note cards.

“All the power ’s in the hands
of the people rich enough to buy it".
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