Collection: DNGRCT

Craig Vincent (aka DNGRCT aka craigFUyong) is an Oakland-based multimedia DIY punk, street artist & designer.
He is also the co-creator and founder of Destroy Art Inc & a direct descendant of Victoria Woodhull
A truly multi-faceted artist, Craig has an inclination towards political, societal and personal empowerment narratives illustrated through thought-provoking, explosively energetic punk rock aesthetics on collage, canvas, paper, film, sculpture, graphic design, writing, installation, street art and music. He has been active in the Northeast punk/hardcore scene since the early 90's running a punk record label and was a vocalist in several NJ punk bands such as The Degenerics, Kamikaze and Plastic Cross. 
Craig has worked on public art projects with the San Francisco Aquarium & has exhibited all around the USA. His work has been featured in Murze (UK), Beautiful Bizarre (Australia) & multiple record covers on labels such as Fat Wreck, Don Giovanni, Soul Rebel & Beer City Records.