Collection: Art City Rockers

My name is Michael Garcia and based out of San Diego, co founder of Punks4Change which we throw punk shows for great causes like animal shelters, LGBTQIA, and houseless communities. I started doing stencil art back in early 2013 with help from my friends Eric Gonzalez (Nspired1) and Jeffrey Figueroa (Catalyst Butcher), they really taught me how to do stenciling and fell in love with it. I stopped doing it for about 8 years and recently got back into stencil art and have been having way much fun getting back into it.

I portray artists/ bands who inspire me and who I love whole heartedly. It usually takes me in around 3-4 hours (sometimes a day or two depending how detailed it is) to cut out these images using only an X-Acto knife I use 12x16 & 10x10 canvases for my art, using mostly acrylic spray/ paint.