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Destroy Everything Fanzine #2: Cut Paste Destroy!

Destroy Everything Fanzine #2: Cut Paste Destroy!

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Destroy Everything Fanzine #2 - Cut Paste Destroy!

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
120 pages
Full Color w/ 45 artists & contributors
Includes rare inserts and exclusive sticker editions!
Co-curated by Winston Smith & Chick Fontaine

Our second edition fanzine is here! 120 pages dedicated to the Art of Collage, Photomontage and Assemblage in the context of Punk Art, Culture & Activism. Special featured art by Gee Vaucher, Kosuke Kawamura, Monkey (The Adicts), Gaye Black, Miss.Printed, Rob Reger and so many more prolific collage talents including our beloved crew of artists, and friends. Pick up a copy today, limited to 500 copies worldwide!

If you are interested in distribution of these, we have very limited copies available for punk and art distros. Spread the word, love our community, and up DA punx! 

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