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Zara Kand "Pedestals of Time"

Zara Kand "Pedestals of Time"

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Zara Kand "Pedestals of Time" 

Original Painting Dimensions: 24" x 30"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Signed with Certificate of Authenticity

Zara Kand is an American Symbolist painter based in Southern California. She was raised in Europe & has lived in the US for the greater part of her life, creating art since old enough to hold a pencil.

She has exhibited throughout numerous venues within the US & has been featured in many online & print publications. She currently lives in the California high desert where she spends most of her time oil painting, curating art shows, teaching painting classes, illustrating, & catering events. She is also the editor of The Gallerist Speaks - an interview series focusing on gallery owners, directors and curators.

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