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Winston Smith "Trump Me Odia" T-Shirt (2020)

Winston Smith "Trump Me Odia" T-Shirt (2020)

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Winston Smith "Trump Me Odia" T-Shirt (2020)

Since Trump will remain in office until January 20th, investigative reporters are projecting a ramp-up in I.C.E. activities as long as Trump continues to occupy the White House. This includes separation and detainment of children and the deportation of refugees and immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America.

Winston is donating 100% of the profits from the sale of this shirt to Centro Legal de la Raza in order to help this organization provide legal assistance to those who need it the most at this critical period.

Centro Legal’s immigration practice is focused on serving the needs of our most vulnerable community members, including families living in poverty, long residing undocumented immigrants and families, youth, victims of violent crimes, asylum seekers, and detained individuals in removal proceedings.”
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