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Winston Smith "DK" Barbwire on Wood (2023)

Winston Smith "DK" Barbwire on Wood (2023)

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Winston Smith "DK" Barbwire on Wood 

Handmade by Winston Smith

Painted by DNGRCT

Approx Dimensions: 14.5" L x 17" H x 1.5" D
Medium: Barb Wire on natural, untreated wood.

Certificate of Authenticity

Collector's edition and very rare


Featuring the iconic DK logo made with stunning rusty barbed wire, on three wood boards straight from Winston's old hot tub frame, at his historical home bunker in an undisclosed location in Northern California!

Note: Check out Winston's clever, durable and utilitarian engineering on the back, making this piece ready for wall hanging. This is an amazing conversation piece in the truest spirit of DIY and punk rock from the maestro of montage Winston Smith. 


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