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V. Vale "William S Burroughs in a Gun Shop" (1979)

V. Vale "William S Burroughs in a Gun Shop" (1979)

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V. Vale - William S Burroughs in a Gun Shop (1979)

According to V. Vale, taking his good friend William S Burroughs to a gun shop is like taking a kid to a candy store:

“By luck William S. Burroughs was dressed in a classic noir-era detective costume (fedora, tan trenchcoat) when I got the idea to take him to the long-gone San Francisco Gun Exchange on 2nd Street between Mission and Howard (downtown tech start-up territory these days). A semi-automatic (i.e., not fully automatic, but easily-convertible with a substitute gray-market trigger mechanism) version of the fabled Uzi 9mm machine pistol was on display, and I asked the salesman if we could handle it. I immediately took a photo; so fast that it’s a bit blurry… but it’s a bona-fide document of an unrehearsed experience. In the background are shelves of rifles and boxes of ammunition receding into infinity."

Original Photo Digitally Printed on Photo Card
Print Dimensions: 11" x 14"
Unframed signed by the Artist with a unique handwritten description at bottom of print. 


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