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Yearbook Zine Vol. 3 Book

Yearbook Zine Vol. 3 Book

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Yearbook Zine Vol. 3

From the personal collection of John Yates (Stealworks)

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

132 pages

Published by Become the Media, 1999

The Zine Yearbook is an anthology which collects small/independent press writing published during a certain year. Publications included have circulations of less than 5,000 copies, and the content is a diverse as the magazine publishing world. This edition includes excerpts from 40 zines published in 1998, and is an accurate and vital documentation of the zine world and of underground publishing. Included are articles, interviews, commentary, illustrations, etc.

The book is perfect bound, color cover, with many illustrations and photos as well as the reprinted articles.



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