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Stealworks "September Commando: Gestures of Futility and Frustration" Book

Stealworks "September Commando: Gestures of Futility and Frustration" Book

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Stealworks "Controlled Flight Into Terrain: Stealworks Anthology 3.0" Book

Signed by Artist

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

94 pages

Published by AK Press, 2001

The second installment of politically charged satire, scrutiny, and social commentary from John Yates' Stealworks graphics compound.

Whereas his first anthology of work, 
Stealworks, was a retrospective that gathered together in a single archival collection previously published material, this latest edition comprises an entirely unpublished selection of incendiary graphics.

Featuring over 100 of Yates' designs, 
September Commando is a visual assault on all things bad. From our benevolent leaders on "Capitol(ist) Hill" to "Twenty First Century Cops," from his "own" apathy-embracing "(de)Generation X" to the selling of "Corporate American" ignorance (and purchase thereof) to the (pocket) enlightened m(asses). Think of it as Barbara Kruger on a social injustice killing spree.


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