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Ruben Preciado "Comin' Correct #2" Zine (1988/2020)

Ruben Preciado "Comin' Correct #2" Zine (1988/2020)

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Ruben Preciado "Comin' Correct #1" Zine (1988/2020)

Only 2 copies available!
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Hand-stapled Photocopied Reissue from 1988.
Limited to 50 copies out there, these are some of the last!

Pick up Comin' Correct #2 here!

STORY: "In the year 1988 my dad and his homies had a zine called Comin’ Correct that featured interviews with a lot of really good, underrated hardcore bands from that era. (Bands like Verbal Assault, Up Front, Pissed Happy Children, Brotherhood, Release, etc.) It was a very short lived thing but he was smart enough to keep the two original copies he had perfectly in tact, I decided to reissue it 32 years later for all of the people out there who love the late 80’s hardcore shit like I do!" - Ruben Preciado

Ruben Preciado is the one-man army behind the incredible Torquer Zine, the sickest DIY photo/art/life zine for today's punx! He also makes playlists, home videos, compilations and is an all-round important contributor of the contemporary punk scene.

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