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Punk 77 Book

Punk 77 Book

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122 pages published by V. Vale @ Re/Search Publications 

PUNK ’77 covers the San Francisco Punk Rock scene from its beginnings in January 1977, to the Sex Pistols concert at Winterland a year later…Learn how a scene was created!

What happened in the San Francisco Punk Scene occurred simultaneously in cities all over the U.S. and in Europe. The creation of culture by youth is an important phenomenon, and one which never loses relevance. PUNK ’77 began as a Xeroxed booklet of photographs taken in and around the Mabuhay and elsewhere on the Punk Rock scene. Then James began adding text in the form of interviews with the people who were there and made it happen. James’s photos were published in New York Rocker, Search & Destroy and Slash, among others. His posters for the band Crime have become classics and highly prized collectors’ items.

Expanded, limited edition from an independent publisher.

THIRD EDITION (black cover; on Glossy Art Paper) is updated with a lengthy interview with James Stark plus **forty** more photos! Why weren’t the West Coast Punk Bands as well-known as those from NYC & London? (Their songs were certainly as good.) How did California Punk start and grow? How was West Coast Punk different? This exciting book answers these questions and raises others. If you wrote 1,000 great songs & nobody heard them, would you go down in history like NYC or London or L.A.?

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