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Misfits "12 Hits From Hell" Original Promo CD

Misfits "12 Hits From Hell" Original Promo CD

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Misfits "12 Hits From Hell" CD 

A brand new sealed copy of the very rare version the original promo CD sealed copy (original is identified by distinct white barcode strip - see photo) 

These are Destroy Art's favorite versions of these MISFITS songs!

About this release: 2000 CD copies. These copies come with the artwork, regular CD, and back cover art just like the regular CD version would have. Most have a white strip over the bar code symbol, but some have a drill hole in one corner instead. A small amount have neither.

This album was originally scheduled for an October 30, 2001 release but was cancelled due to Jerry Only's disappointment with the mix and Glenn Danzig's disappointment with the artwork.

About 2000 promotional CD copies were pressed and distributed. 40,000 regular CD copies were pressed, but later destroyed. Several record sleeves were printed and distributed (without vinyl) to members of the band. The original plan was to press 2000 copies of orange vinyl and 1000 copies of white vinyl. The album was "postponed" on October 15, 2001.

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