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Edward Colver "Exene of X" (1980)

Edward Colver "Exene of X" (1980)

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"Exene of X" Photograph by Edward Colver (1980)

Another Ed Colver classic photo of Exene Cervenka from punk rock legendary Los Angeles band "X" in a classic portrait pose!! According to Ed, this photo was shot either 1979 or 1980 at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, California. 

14" x 21" Digital C-Print
Hand Signed
Hand Numbered
Limited Edition of 25 prints
Certificate of Authenticity

Edward Colver is ultimately the most seminal photographer in the history of Southern California’s burgeoning hardcore punk scene in the early 1980’s, single-handedly documenting and birthing 20th century punk icons with his photographs, capturing the lifestyle, fashion, art and music shows in Los Angeles. His work was featured extensively on the film and book entitled “American Hardcore” and on more than 500 album covers - some of which are the most recognizable in rock music history.

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