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Edward Colver "1984//2020" Series Art Prints (2020)

Edward Colver "1984//2020" Series Art Prints (2020)

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Edward Colver "1984//2020" Series Art Prints (2020)

This offset poster print series was used for the street art // wheat paste campaign to promote the group art exhibition "Welcome to 1984//2020: Punk in the Western Front". Featuring striking images depicting the interesting characters energized with feral raw power fueled by early punk, goth/deathrock and hardcore.

1. Tina Winter of Voodoo Church (1982) photograph by Edward Colver.

2. Roger Rogerson of Circle Jerks (1980) photograph by Edward Colver.

3. Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat (1982) at Alpine Village aka "The Barn" in Torrance, California photograph by Edward Colver.

4. Jack Grisham of TSOL (1981) photograph by Edward Colver.

Paper dimensions: 12" X 18"

Available in Set of 4 (Signed and Unsigned)

"Edward Colver did all of (Voodoo Church) our photos back then. Once you had photos taken by the best, you just couldn’t settle with anyone else."
- Tina Winter, 2014 interview with Absolution NYC.


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