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Frank Kozik "Desperate Measures Empty Pleasures"

Frank Kozik "Desperate Measures Empty Pleasures"

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Frank Kozik is one of the leading rock artists of his generation. His work has graced of hundreds of posters, flyers, and album covers, and his originals are held by some of the foremost collectors of contemporary rock art. His posters are colorfully ironic admixtures of pop permutations. He sold his soul for Rock and Roll.

"This book is the third in a series showing my attempt to create. Some people call me an artist. I personally tend to disagree. There is no great, unifying message here. What I do is give myself a reason for living. If I cannot distract myself doing this every day, the reality of life would be a burden I, for one, could not bear." - Frank Kozik

      114 pages, Published by Last Gasp

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