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Dave Trenga "Don't Tread On Us" (2020)

Dave Trenga "Don't Tread On Us" (2020)

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Dave Trenga "Don't Tread On Us" (2020)

Dimensions: 24" x 24"

Approx Weight: 10lbs

Original Hand Painted on Wood Tabletop

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DON'T TREAD ON US on wood 24" will donate proceeds to National Network of Abortion Funds

"Banning abortion will not stop abortions, it will only cost women their lives, bodily autonomy and their freedom as abortion is criminalized. This is only the beginning, states are already writing up legislation to charge women with murder, defining life beginning at fertilization and outlawing birth control. This is controlling women and taking away their rights, nothing more. In the leaked document, Alito repeatedly cites Sir Matthew Hale, a misogynist from the 1600s that had women executed for witchcraft and wrote in defense of marital rape. These are the medieval and extremist ruling principles that are now embraced by the right wing supreme court that lied and cheated their way into power with lifetime appointments installed by a piece of shit that has not only been accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape by dozens of women but bragged about sexually assaulting women for the entire world to hear. Next up on the chopping block will be birth control and gay rights."

- Dave Trenga

#herbodyherdecision #herbodyherchoice #prochoice
#fuckscotus #fuckalito #fuckkavanaugh #fucktrump #fuckthegop

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