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Dave Trenga "American Shithole" (2020)

Dave Trenga "American Shithole" (2020)

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Dave Trenga "American Shithole" (2020)

Dimensions: 24" x 24"

Approx Weight: 10lbs

Original Hand Painted on Wood Tabletop 

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*Bulk of sales will go to benefit Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, local cat rescue and feeding local wildlife.

"The truth doesn't cost anything but a lie could cost you everything." This has never been more relevant as we have all had to pay the price for this compulsive liar's disregard for everyone but himself. Pushing to put everyone else's lives at risk while he makes every effort to insulate himself from the danger he so callously thrusts on the rest of us. All the while demanding praise for one disastrous policy after another. This is trump and his entire legacy in a nutshell, he hides from the battle and then demands a parade. This gaping asshole is 24"

- Dave Trenga


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