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Dave Glass "End Human Pestilence" (2013/2021)

Dave Glass "End Human Pestilence" (2013/2021)

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Dave Glass "End Human Pestilence" (2013/2021)

old worn-out microns and charcoal on paper

14" x 14"

ca. 2013/2021

hand crafted in house at DAWN 11:11 Art Collective PHL

Urban poetry in the background reads:

"We see the drones fall in
Surveilling our rest
Wide awake we are trapped
in tarred feathers
Watch the blood moon rise
Curse the dust filled winds
Ballast is broken
electricity stolen
Water so toxic
contaminates our being
Drink from raw hand
benefits swollen
Dire need of change
Media cult brainwashed reason"
~ Dave Glass

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