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Dave Glass "Addict Named Nymph" Silkscreen Print


Dave Glass "Addict Named Nymph" Silkscreen Print

Limited Edition of 21
Material: 6 color screen print on acid free 130# french paper
Dimensions: 12.5" x 19"
Signed and Numbered

There is a personal tale behind this piece.
The writing in the background reads:
"There is no hope opening the scarred over wounds
Bound in rotted veins and dead roots of dread
Despair lingers in the mind like a transorbital lobotomy
Rendering you suicidal, damaged and forlorn
It waits for you to feed with vermin mining in the garbage and darken canals to nowhere
We are all roaches in the trenches of cracked sidewalks
Drowning in a sea of warm festering malt liquor
dog shit and dope bags"
 - Dave Glass