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Rikk Agnew "Daddy, Where Do Strippers Come From?

Rikk Agnew "Daddy, Where Do Strippers Come From?

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Rikk Agnew "Daddy, Where Do Strippers Come From?

Art, Story & History Book by Rikk Agnew & Frederick Burnt

The "Strippers" books is the first of the series. Presented in a beautiful packaging reminiscent of a children’s book, Agnew and his illustrator Frederick Burnt, present the story of all strippers who are actually made on a beautiful planet in the center of the universe named Dolce Fabrique (Fabriicae Mitior in Latin) and that since they are alien it’s impossible to objectify them.

All of the trials, tribulations and training these young ladies must go through in order to earn a trip to Earth (via a bus fueled by glitter, perfume and broken dreams) to dance are outlined here. Gone is the myth that strippers come from dysfunctional homes with daddy issues.

The mind boggles at this tell-all book; which is a must read for any guy, regardless of whether they have yet to visit or are well versed in the etiquette and clientele of a strip club. Plus, the format is such that those dads who are too embarrassed to hit the subject head on can simply leave it on the family bookshelf for junior to discover on his own.

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