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Stealworks "Breathless" Benefit Art Print (2020)

Stealworks "Breathless" Benefit Art Print (2020)

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Stealworks "Breathless" Benefit Art Print (2020)

Inspired by George Floyd (REST IN POWER) 

Print dimensions: 18" x 24"

Limited Edition Prints by John Yates. Handsigned by the artist - get one now!
Printed on quality Art Card Stock
Printed by Monolith Press, Alameda CA

Available as a Set of 3 with "Unqualified Immunity" and "Life's A Riot"

100% full proceeds of sales of these prints goes to: Anti-Police Terror Project and Black Futures Lab! We encourage you to also donate to these organizations directly and learn about their missions. 

Check out Stealworks's IG account here!


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