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Puritan Candy "Vegan Basic Bitch" Red & Black Ring Plant Harness


Puritan Candy "Vegan Basic Bitch" Red & Black Ring Plant Harness

Who says bondage gear is limited (or restrained!) for human beings? These plant harnesses appeal to the plant punk in us and is one of the most wholesome items we have in store. These are SO RARE so pick one up today!


24.5" (L) from top ring to bottom ring
Snug Fits 6" Planter Pots


"What started off as a way for me (Dan) to release records for my band and eventually turned into an outlet for aimless creativity when touring and band life came to a halt. That lead to a reconnection with childhood crush Alena who helped me rediscover my love for working with my hands and making bondage. After leaving New England behind for the Pacific Northwest and a few attempts at making some restraint sets Alena asked if I could make a harness style plant hanger because she was tired of macramé. So we sat down one afternoon and by the end of the day the basic Bitch was born and then our friends saw them and their friends saw and then I was making them all the time." - Dan, Puritan Candy creator

Aside from Puritan Candy, the two also run Otrolobo.com, a pin and accessory site with art by Alena.

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