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Bleeding Edges ""Bearrito" Hand Painted Toy

Bleeding Edges ""Bearrito" Hand Painted Toy

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Bleeding Edges ""Bearrito" Hand Painted Toy

5" tall sculpted art toy with 3 points of articulation

#19 Signed and Numbered by Jeff Bleeding Edges on the feet (see photo).

Bearrito is a character created by Bleeding Edges and Diehm 777, and sculpted by Big Man Toys

BEARRITO doesn’t want to give you a hug, he wants to eat you! Beware the next time you are in the woods, and you see a large tasty burrito walking around...

NOTE: Although we refer to this as a "toy," this is not for children as it is not tested and is likely poisonous for your child to put in their mouth. This is an art toy for adult collectors.


Bleeding Edges: Born in NY, raised in NJ. After originally serving as a website title and as an umbrella name for various projects, The Bleeding Edges moniker was adopted in 2003. As a professional graphic designer, he found that he was able to reproduce his digital art in physical media by turning illustrations into stencils and spray painting them. Taking heavy cues from pop/ fan art and re-interpreting them with a more rough punk look. He has participated in numerous group art shows all over America.

Aside from spray painted canvases, Bleeding Edges also airbrushes vinyl toys. Last year he self released (with the help of Kickstarter) his first vinyl toy of a character called Bearrito. He will hopefully be releasing his second vinyl toy, based on another original character, Dr. Plaguin. Using his experience in graphic design and illustration, he releases enamel pins, patches, stickers and other items as BxE Buttons ( Together with his wife, they do events as BxE Buttons X Stacia Made. He also plays bass in the hardcore/punk band Wall Breaker (, and has played and toured with various bands since his teens.

Check out Bleeding Edges' IG account here!

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