Collection: Stealworks

Stealworks is the nom de plume of agitprop graphic designer, antisocial socialist, and tea drinker John Yates. 

Originally from the UK (ah, now the tea reference makes sense), he relocated to the U.S. to work as in-house designer for Dead Kennedys’ Alternative Tentacles Records label. A decade of music packaging and a bit of name recognition later, he left to pursue work as a freelance designer for a variety of other bands and labels (Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, Bad Religion, Jade Tree, etc.), as well as various non-music clients.

Yates is the designer behind such established agitprop pieces as 'Democracy - We Deliver,' 'American Bible Belt,' and 'Mom, We're Home!' He also ran the indie label Allied Recordings, and produced the art zine Punchline. He has supplied apparel design for the likes of Stüssy, Burton Snowboards, KR3W Denim, and Live Nation, amongst others. And he has a slightly unhealthy obsession and love for book covers, of which he has designed many.

Ever on the lookout for freelance design opportunities and liking to keep busy, John encourages getting in touch if you have a project you feel he’d be a good fit for. It may also stop him writing in the third person.

“What are you rebelling against, Johnny?”

“Whaddaya got?”

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