Collection: Gitane Demone

Gitane Demone is a multi-faceted artist - singer, painter, songwriter, poet and keyboardist - & one of the pioneers of the Deathrock / Goth / Punk culture in USA.

She began her career on the Southern California new wave scene of the early '80s as a member of the trio Pompeii 99. The group later joined with singer Rozz Williams to make up a new incarnation of his seminal band Christian Death, where Demone remained before relocating to Amsterdam & mounting a solo career in 1989, releasing multiple studio albums.

In 2008, a biographical DVD set entitled ‘Life After Death’ was released by Cult Epics. It contained footage from her entire career. In 2013 she formed the Gitane Demone Quartet with her life partner - and former Christian Death bandmate - Rikk Agnew, Paul Roessler (ex-the Screamers), & Deb Venom.

With her accomplished artist/curator daughter Zara Kand, she produces experimental music, video and paintings. Gitane is still working on writing, producing & performing in avant-garde & operatic musical productions.