Collection: Usual Dosage Inc

Usual Dosage Inc (Scotty Rutherford, b. 1986), a biodegradable life form, is a punk rock guitarist, multi-cat dad, and self-taught collage / linocut artist from Kingsport, Tennessee. Developing interest in his early days through MC Escher, Van Gogh and various album art, Scotty began dabbling into photography after being inspired by Jem Cohen’s work with Fugazi.

His early collages pulse with anti-war themes, but he prefers to allow the viewer to take on meaning through their own volition. He is influenced by Winston Smith - without whom "the collage game wouldn’t be the same” - and John Yates, who designed multiple of his favorite album covers. He plays guitar for Shitty Halfpipe, a skate punk band, and has played in other bands, including a long-distance alternative rock record made with the band Wretches.

Scotty is currently working on a zine, fosters kittens and lives with 8 cats together with his wife - a pet portrait & anime artist.