Collection: Oscar Rodriguez

Oscar Rodriguez (b. 1982) is an emerging artist from Los Angeles, CA. As a self taught artist utilizing the medium of paper maché, Oscar's early inspirations were formed through doodling animal-human hybrids that were influenced by his love of comics and the Ninja Turtles. Through time, his influences have expanded into his culture and passion for travel, namely by Mexican folk art and the art he stumbles upon through his exploring around the world.

As a punk musician, Oscar has channeled his creativity into music nearly his whole life. He was the vocalist of the powerviolence band FISSURE in his latest long standing project, touring for years internationally and across the USA. In 2019, the band decided to take an indefinite hiatus. Shortly after in 2020, the pandemic lock downs had begun to happen, and he then started to focus his artistry and imagination into paper maché masks and sculptures.

Improving his technique over time through painting and sculpting, Oscar's methods are in a constant state of evolution. He now occasionally supports the skacore band La Resistencia as a vocalist, and continues to hone his craft when he's not on the road.

Follow his art through IG @sombras.y.diablitos