Collection: Monkey Adicts


Monkey needs no introduction, but here’s a few fun facts! The iconic frontman of the UK punk band The Adicts hails from Ipswich, UK and now resides in California. Growing up with early influences by Vision On (BBC 1964-76) and art classes in school, Monkey now creates and experiments with splashes, scratches, sparkles, sketches, scrawls and sticky glue onto all mediums. He offers bits and pieces of his history performing with The Adicts in international shows onto tangible art forms, and draws inspiration from the endless ether of ideas that eternally pop in and pop out.

His advice is to “DIY! You would let anybody else tell you that you can’t do something, so don’t tell yourself that. Harm no thing. Try throwing rotting fruit at a wall. If it looks good, and feels good, it’s art. Cleaning up is optional. You could install said rotting fruit as a living/dying exhibit."

Monkey continues to tour for life with The Adicts, and has just released an EP called 'Monkey With…' (a pandemic collaborative musical project). He is in the works to collaborate in the same manner with his peer group of visual artists and photographers. 

Check out Monkey's Official Art Site for more information. Monkey is currently accepting submissions for commission based projects, please contact us to discuss specific details. 

Profile photo (Top Right) by Deb Frazin Photography