Collection: Lorenzo Masnah

Lorenzo ‘Masnah' (b.1985, from Bogota, Colombia) is a street artist with a penchant for politically-charged narratives through fine portraits and protest culture landscapes - painted or screen-printed on paper, canvases, newsprint and on public walls.

As an avid image collector of humanity’s journey through societal disasters and human rights violations, Masnah's artworks pay homage to a world where every individual has absolute freedom of expression that can ripple influence towards change. He utilizes collage, painting, and found materials to story the struggles, and the importance of making ourselves heard.

His portfolio of work has been published, painted on walls, and in multiple zines, blogs and exhibitions across the USA (NYC, SC, SF, LA), Bogota, Europe (France, Italy) and Mexico City. His self-published book ‘Nuevos Tiempos’ is now a rare collectible, purchased and found in private collections of the iconic Martha Cooper and Shepard Fairey.

Masnah is currently based in Miami, where he is working on expanding his most recent series of works entitled ‘Papercuts’ - a collection of portraits based on global protestors and their provocative, inspiring array of picket signs. He travels anywhere the walls call, and is open for commissions and public projects.

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