Collection: Alison Braun

Alison Braun's camera, a Pentax Kl 000, was a gift from her father, a serious amateur photographer who showed her the qualities of light and the alchemy of darkroom techniques. At fourteen, Braun traded vast tranquil wilderness for the raw energy of punk rock in dark crowded clubs. She discovered her tribe on the Sunset Strip, and Braun's camera transformed her from witness to participant. Braun's 1981 photos of Wasted Youth were the first of thousands of images she would create, a personal document of a time, a place and an explosive new sound. Swapping print photos for access to guest lists at the Whisky a Go Go, the Starwood and the Roxy, Braun expanded her portfolio while increasing her audience.
She provided photography services for Mystic Records, a small independent label in Hollywood, and conducted band interviews and authored scene reports for local, national and international punk rock fanzines, including Maximum Rock'n'roll and We Got Power. The artist went north after college, inspired by Seattle's blossoming grunge scene and partnered with a photo studio to continue her music documentation work. Braun's image spectrum began to include portraiture and special events, and she received stock representation with Getty Images.
Current projects include a music photography memoir. Her archive is scanned and available for future fans, especially the girls. Alison Braun's work has been exhibited and shared around the world.
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