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Punks Around Fanzines


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Punks Around #8, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14 Fanzines

Dimensions: 8" x 5.5"

Punks Around #8 Veganism & Punk Rock
56 pages, Black & White

Punks Around #10 Zine About Zines!
48 pages, Color

Punks Around #11 POC Punks
40 pages, Color
Whats it like to be a person of color in a predominantly white scene? This issue is a space for people to talk about some of the often-ignored, forgotten, or unspoken realities of punk’s relationship to non-whiteness.

Punks Around #12 ABC Punks
56 pages, color
Destroy Art exclusive - Pink Cover version!
Evan Evangeline of Mind Control and Palomina is the guest editor of this issue dedicated to trans and non-binary punks. Its amazing to think that punks can go about their day-to-day without realizing that the scene is a space for more than just cis people. This issue provides the perspective of people that are often ignored or drowned out by their cis gender counterparts.

Punks Around #13 Straight Edge Punks
36 pages, color
This issue explores straight edge culture, an offshoot of punk that has developed a life of its own. With interviews with Nancy Barile, Tony Rettman, and many more contributions, this is a welcome, diverse reflection on what straight edge means today.

Punks Around #14 Mental Health
The final issue of Punks Around! It’s fitting that the final issue is the most universal: Mental Health. It’s loaded with content— essays, reflections, artwork (in color), and poetry from a slew of incredible artists and writers!

Punks Around is created, compiled and edited by Alexander Herbert, a PhD Candidate at Brandeis University focusing on environmentalism and youth culture in the late Soviet Union. He is the author of "What About Tomorrow? An Oral History of Russian Punk from the Soviet Era to Pussy Riot"
He is a devoted father, veteran vegan, self-ascribed environmentalist, occasional musician, opportunistic freelance writer and translator, and fan of beet and pickle pizza. Alexander has been a punk rock and hardcore enthusiast since the point of contact and has contributed to such iconic fanzines as Maximum Rocknroll and Razorcake.