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Monster Squad "I Love Punk" Cassette Tapes

Monster Squad "I Love Punk" Cassette Tapes

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Monster Squad "I Love Punk" Cassette Tapes

One Time Press!

"January 2022 is our 25th anniversary as a band. We thought it would be fun to re-record some old songs that we still like with the original lineup and the friends that were there in the very beginning.

Songs were re-recorded at home in Vacaville, Sacramento, North Carolina, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Italy with old pals and the original 1997 lineup. 1 microphone + advancements in modern technology made it happen. Most of these songs were released on our first demo tape which was recorded on a four track.

This is not supposed to sound that good! :)" - Monster Squad Punks

***Each tape comes with a free patch, 2 stickers, a 1.25" pin and a temporary tattoo! ****


Released January 1, 2022

Phil Geck: vocals
Dave Gale: guitar, vocals, lyrics, music
Pat Edwards: bass/vocals
Matthew Kadi: drums, vocals, layout/recording

Illustrations: Ryan Sturm

707 V.V.H.C. Backup Vocals Crew: Nikki Lynn Graham, Carter Martinelli, Dave Goss, Ryan Sturm, Justin Coote, Dorsey Thompson, Martin Steiner. Alice Steiner appears courtesy of Steiner Records Group Inc

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