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Monster Squad "Fire the Faith" LP / CD

Monster Squad "Fire the Faith" LP / CD

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Monster Squad "Fire the Faith" LP / CD

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Released April 17, 2007
LP (2019 Press)

Monster Squad
Phil Geck - vocals
Jason Case - guitar/vocals
Matt Kadi - drums/percussion
Ultimate Justin Peach - bass/vocals
Chris Chapel - guitar/vocals

Written and arranged by the Monster Squad Family of Friends.
© strengththroughpainmusic 2006

Engineered by Joe Johnston at Pus Cavern Studios in Sacramento,Ca on Feb. 10, Nov. 16-20, Dec. 7, 23 2006.
Produced by Monster Squad and Joe Johnston. mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Lab Audio on Dec. 28, 2006
2nd guitar on ‘seperate the lines’ and ‘all these things’ by moises sandoval. freestyle on reggae jam by Kenny KB1
Cover Art: Canvas painting by Phil Geck. Illustration by Gustavo Martinez.
Band photo: Tim Carson
‘Gilman crowd’ live photo: Chris Chapel/Burning Bridges Photography. Graphic design/‘immigrant’ photo by Matt Kadi

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