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Monster Squad "Depression" LP

Monster Squad "Depression" LP

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Monster Squad "Depression" LP

Released May 25, 2018
Recorded live to tape at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto during March of 2018. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley.

Monster Squad is
Phil Geck - vocals
Jason Case - guitar/vocals
Matt Kadi - drums/percussion
Ultimate Justin Peach - bass/vocals
Chris Chapel - guitar/vocals

Music by Monster Squad except:
Lion’s Blood and Internal War by Justin Wickwire and Monster Squad
Lyrics by Phil Geck except:
Withheld Forgiveness by Phil, Matthew, and Bryan Lothian
Extra vocals by Bryan Lothian, Mike Kadomiya and Christian Reid

Cover Art:
Phil Geck - Death or Glory
‘Exquisite Corpus Delicti’ Collage:
Winston Smith -
‘On the Edge of my Seat Here...’ Illustration:
Mike Kadomiya -
Layout and Photography:
Matthew Kadi -

Say hello -
© Strength Through Pain Music 2018

Released by Pirates Press Records in the United States
and Voltage Records in Europe.

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