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Benefit: Indigenous Resistance Risograph Prints


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Benefit: Indigenous Resistance Risograph Prints

Dimensions: 12" x 15"

In collaboration with @palante.siempre @flosseditions @__united__mutants__ we are releasing this 4-color design celebrating Indigenous resistance in Colombia and Palestine. The Spanish text comes from the Guardia Indigena's anthem. Poster by Kohei and Taketo (@wwav.punk and @__united__mutants__ )

Reference Photos by: Jairo Páez (@japaezfotos )

Printed in Oakland by Floss Editions (@flosseditions )

Some words about the project from Eric at Red Condor Collective: The Colombian and Palestinian people have linked arms in unified struggle due to a shared oppression. Both communities know how it feels to suffer under colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism. Both communities experience state violence backed by the United States and Israel. This poster by Kohei and Taketo is a contribution to this global struggle, all the way from Japan. Our oppression is global, but so is our resistance. This poster features the text “Guardia Guardia Fuerza Fuerza, Por Mi Raza, Por Mi Tierra” which comes from the anthem of the Guardia Indígena (Indigenous Guard) an un-armed organization which provides security for the reservations and social movements of Indigenous Peoples in the Cauca Valley of Colombia. Reference photos for the poster came from Jairo Páez.

The funds from sales of this poster will go to Red Condor Collective and Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.