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who we are

DESTROY ART is an international punk rock art management agency, led by Craig Vincent & Farida Mazlan - an artist-curator team based in the California, USA.

We represent, support and empower the DIY punk and underground artist community through exhibition-making, collaborative art strategies, and custom designed manufacturing of prints, clothing and merchandise.

Our artists are multi-generational and multi-formatted - no borders allowed!

The Destroy Art Inc webstore is an online portal for punk art - a collective, cooperative sales platform for artists to share their creative productions to a global marketplace. We believe an empire is created by elevating everybody, and strive for only fair, ethical DIY business practices. 


Since 2020, we have partnered with the Black Panther Party Alumni Legacy Network (BPPALN) who are original members of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, CA. We joined forces with the Elders and their network to create AP2TP (All Power to the People) Collective, the official merch store that benefits the community education and legacy work of the BPP.

Using the same DIY & empowerment ethics as Destroy Art, our artists provide designs based off the idealogies of the BPP, and we strive to promote a new 'Rainbow Coalition' - where everyone from all walks of life can be part of building positive blocks in our community to alleviate oppression and improve living conditions.

Within our artist collective, we are project managers, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, writers, publishers, musicians, activists, tour managers, curators, project consultants, comic illustrators, screen printers, engineers, jewelry makers, animal experts, zinesters, filmmakers, digital media editors - and always punks.

Apparel by Punk Majesty // Photo by Michael Hrushka 2022