Collection: Murray Bowles


Murray Bowles Portrait by Matthew Kadi

Artist Bio by Anna Brown 

Legendary photographer Murray Bowles documented the Bay Area music scene for four decades. He began photographing bands in 1980 when he received the chance assignment to photograph a show for the fanzine Ripper and soon became a ubiquitous presence at punk rock gatherings all over the Bay Area.

With his signature style of shooting bands from the middle of the pit by holding his camera over his head, he captured generations of underground culture and, through his singular images, brought the Bay Area scene to punks all over the world, many of whom credit him for inspiring them to pack their bags and head to Northern California to join in the chaos. His photos appear on countless album covers and liner notes, and are prominently featured in the documentary film Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk. Murray Bowles died December 8, 2019 at age 68. A book of his work is forthcoming in the Fall of 2020. REST IN POWER MURRAY! 

ABOVE Murray Bowles as seen drawn in the inset from Green Day's smash hit "Dookie" (1994) which forever changed punk rock!"