Collection: Kevin Webster

Kevin Webster is a painter, sculptor, animator, and general muckabout in a variety of media of which latex house paint, luan, and papier-mâché are chiefly selected.

Webster attended the Memphis Academy of Arts and San Francisco Academy of Art, but initially drew spiritual and artistic inspiration from the cover art of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines, which he found lining the bottom of simian exhibits during his stint as an indentured circus performer whose duties included hosing out the monkey cages and shaving elephant butts.

A career in animated commercials followed the natural ascendant trajectory of adolescent 8mm stop-motion clay dinosaur movies and racy flip book kineographs. hand illustrated along the edges of classic literature paperbacks.  A taste for papier-mâché was stimulated by the realization that the words were French for chewed paper. 

A penchant for non-linear, non-sequitur dream imagery fostered a love of weenie-dogs.    Viewing of a concave tabletop camera obscura cultivated a penetrating fascination with stereoptics.

His personal vision is a kaleidoscopic carnival of ebullient derangement, the result of an early and clandestine bioengineering gene splice project gone awry.  Amplification and remote tuning of variant senses, including a self-regeneration function not unlike planaria, induced the growth of a secondary vestigial basal ganglion. This auxiliary primal brain generates an anathema of fine delirium, manifesting itself in unruly disarrangement of sensibilities, often culminating in bouts of hirsuteness during the peak of the waxing gibbous moon.  The splendid visions accompanying these spells are often the inspiration and impetus for the artwork.  

As a hobby, Webster has been striving to adequately clone himself for spare parts harvest.  Modest success was achieved by the progenitorship of a Lilliputian homunculus; which, most  lamentably, was later eaten by Bully, the weenie dog.

Webster finds neck cloth and footwear constrictive, has an inordinate fear of living dolls, and is allergic to peanuts.   The legume, not the comic strip.